1 spool ER5356 .030 10lb Aluminum MiG welding wire

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1 spool ER5356 .030 10lb Aluminum MiG welding wire Description

The Product:For sale is a spools of New Fema .030′ (.8mm), 10lb (4.5kg), ER5356 High Quality Aluminum general purpose precision wound MiG welding wire. FREE SHIPPING within the continental USA. Other areas please e mail shipping destination for cost.Features Include:.030 wire is particularly good for general purpose thickness’ of Aluminum welding with 115v and 230v MiG units and spool on gun MiG machines. 10lb ideal for economy and practicality.Standard 8′ spool size with standard 2′ Spindle hole opening.ER5356 MIG welding wire is a good general purpose welding wire for Aluminum. it contains 5% Magnesium and offers excellent corrosion resistant properties.Best results are when used with 100 Argon MiG. General Purpose – auto body repair, fabrication, maintenance, farm and or agricultural or shop welding.Precision wound wire – allows smoother wire flow than random spooled wire.Why you should buy it:A high quality ER5356 Aluminum MIG welding wire. Excellent general purpose wire for the welding of most Aluminums. Contains 5% Magnesium and the weld deposits show excellent resistance to corrosion and salt water. Precision wound wire produces smoother welding wire flow .030 wire is particularly good for MiG welding on both thin and thicker material. 1lb is ideal and excellent for reducing wastage for most specific job projects and keeps initial purchase price low.Sold by the welding specialist. Weldtool. If you want more information on us or Fema and our products contact us.

1 spool ER5356 .030 10lb Aluminum MiG welding wire buy

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